FAQs Regarding this Training Web Site

1.  Is the Manufactured Housing Educational Institute (MHEI) and the course on this site approved by HUD and its contractor, SEBA Professional Services, for providing training to manufactured home installers in states where HUD will administer the Manufactured Housing Installation Program?

Yes.  MHEI, the course on this site, and its instructor are all approved to train installers seeking a license to install homes in the HUD Administered Manufactured Housing Installation Program states.

2.  Who should register as the student on this site?

The individual needing credit for having taken the HUD Approved Installer Training for the HUD Manufactured Housing Installation Program is the individual who must be registered on this site.

3.  How do I sign up?

Click "sign up" in the top right corner and fill out the required fields.  Every student must have a unique email address.  The student's email address is their user name for this training site.

4.  How do I pay for my course?

Once a student has registered on the site, the student can select the course from the "course catalog" and pay for it through a secure online payment system, PayPal.  Anyone can pay for the course. The payee information does not have to be the same as the student's information.

5.  Do I have to finsih the course all in one session?

No, the course is 12 hours long and consists of multiple modules that can be taken in multiple sessions.  To exit the course, click "exit and save" and your place in the course will be saved.  The next time you log into the training system, you will be put into the course or module at the place where you left off.

6.  After I purchase a course, how long do I have to finish it?

The courses on MHEI's training site do not expire.  You have an unlimited amout of time to finish the course.

7.  After I finish a course, how long will the course remain in my user account?

Your course will remail available in your user account for you to review for a period of three months.

FAQs Regarding the HUD Manufactured Housing Installation and Training Program

1.     Under what authority does the HUD Manufactured Housing Installaton  program operate?

This program is mandated by Federal Law and HUD per CFR 24 3280, 3282, 3285, 3286 in parts.
2.     Who will need a license?

Anyone that installs a new manufactured home with a HUD label in a State that doesn’t have a HUD-approved manufactured home installation program.

3.     Which states  DO NOT have a HUD approved program:

1.     Alaska 9.    Nebraska
2.     Connecticut 10.  New Jersey
3.     Hawaii 11.  Rhode Island
4.     Illinois 12.  South Dakota
5.     Maryland 13.  Vermont
6.     Massachusetts 14.  Wyoming
7.     Michigan  
8.     Montana  
4.     How do I get a license to become a manufactured home installer?

You must fill out the Manufactured Home Installer License Application with all required supplemental information. To access the application  visit http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD or email HUDinfo@Sebapro.com to receive a copy of the application and a direct link to the page. Make sure to fill out the forms entirely with accurate information and legible handwriting. When you submit the application you must also include/have completed the following:

          a.  A copy of your insurance and Bonding information.
          b.  Take an approved training course. A list of courses will be provided with the forms that you will need to fill out. You do not need to submit proof of passing the class or have passed at the time you submit your application. SEBA Professional Services will be notified of pass/fail status.
          c.  Once you have passed all the requirements you will receive a notice via email that you can print your license online.

5     How long is my Installer License good for?

Your license as an installer will be good for 3 years.
6     How do I renew my Installer License?

To renew you will need to re-apply. To qualify you must take 8 hours of continuing education courses and submit proof with your application. You will receive a notice to renew 6 months before your license expires at the email address you have on file with the HUD contractor for the Manufactured Home Installation program.
7.     What qualifies as continuing education? 

You will be provided a list of contacts for qualifying continuing education providers at the time you receive the notice for renewal.
8.     Where will the HUD license give me the ability to install homes?

It will be good in all HUD administered states. Please see the list of HUD administered states in Question 3.
9.     Do I need a state or local license?

You may still need a state and or a local license/business license if required by your state or local government.
10.      If I already have a state contracting license, do I still need a HUD License?

Yes, in HUD Administered States.
11.  Do I need to get permits from my local building officials?

Yes, if your locality requires permits for the installation of manufactured homes, grading and land development activities, and environmental permits, i.e. well and septic permits. You must still get all required permits from the State or Local authority.
If you need help or have additional questions about the HUD Manufactured Home Installation program, please email SEBA Professional Services, LLC at HUDINFO@Sebapro.com.